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  1. Squat

    never got my key

    Hello acesimple, thank you for writing to us. I am not entirely sure, if its a bug or an error on your end, so let's try to fix the issue / problem. First off, make sure you have entered all the correct information (card number / security code / expiration date / name), if any of that information is incorrect, the payment won't go through. Please write back, once you've double checked everything, and the payment is still not going through.
  2. Squat

    Suggestions from Squat

    4. Ranks should be assigned on discord for the paid subscribers; this allows mods/admins to prioritize their time, and the leechers/free users could wait in--line for their turn. A discord channel strictly for subscribers/paid users could be assigned in both English/Russian as well to deal with this.
  3. Squat

    Suggestions from Squat

    The application should be paid / subscriber only; this avoids leechers and makes it more secure for subscribers. The more public the application is, the higher the risk of getting banned in the future which results in unhappy users / customers. It is for our safety and for the safety of customers. Also, this will generate more revenue in the long run. (You don't have to completely remove the trial; you could do a 1 day free upon activation or reduce it to 30-60mins etc.) Offer LIFETIME to subscribers (~ $ 20 + for lifetime), it is a win-win situation, because we will get the money and users are generally more interested in lifetime over monthly / 6months / year etc. Add a hotkey or an in-game overlay to switch between profiles; this could be really beneficial for most games, especially fps, since it allow users to switch between guns / macros quickly (user friendly)
  4. Я не уверен, что Ваша просьба или предложение полезно, горячая клавиша включения / выключения макроса служит с той же целью, что и клавиши макроса которые позволяет вам контролировать, когда включать / запускать макрос. Вы должны предоставить примеры того, как это можно использовать, и как это полезно для нас и сообщества.
  5. У нас уже есть эта функция, вы можете установить горячую клавишу для запуска / остановки макроса (настройки> горячие клавиши).
  6. Squat

    Верните мне мои поинты

    I am missing 2k points as well. 😉
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