Макрос «YAF normal» для «Roblox»

Скачать бесплатно макрос «YAF normal» для «Roblox», установка на простую мышь и клаву происходит легко.
Для использования макроса просто назначьте его на любую клавишу мышки или клавиатуры в программе BotMek, а потом нажмите её!
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This macro is just a basic «run around and grab stars» for the most part.

However, there are a few things this one was built for that my last submission didn't cover.

--This is for non-vip
--This is for no speed boost from the shop
--This is for non-Roblox premium members
--This IS for accounts that have joined the group within roblox - I believe theres a small speed boost.
--auto yeet needs to be OFF
--all resolutions and window formats are compatible
--macro will attempt to yeet once per loop, and will also jump for boost
--macro begins by resetting, and then repeats each loop
--pets with star gazer are recommended for better output.
--magnetic enchanted pets will also be helpful, but I think the coverage of the macro makes star gazer a better option than magnetic
YAF normal
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13.12.2023 18:27:09
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